Jacqui Taylor female guitarplayer

"For me composing music is very much like creating an abstract painting.

To play just one note is as important as many, and the spaces in between is the breath of the melody.

Music is what feelings sound like"

Jacqui Taylor

British guitarist Jacqui Taylor has devoted her entire life to her music from a very early age. Born in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, England; and at the tender age of eight-years-old, she began her classical music training on the piano, for which she earned several prestigious awards. Although this formed an excellent basic foundation in music, Jacqui still felt she lacked the creative outlet that she was searching for.

After experimenting with numerous instruments, including the violin, Jacqui finally discovered that the guitar was the ideal medium through which to express her unique creativity.

After completing a BA Honours degree in music and art at The University of Brighton, Jacqui has since gone on to become a highly accomplished composer and performer; writing for various international dance companies, lyricists, and bands. She has received much critical acclaim for her work and has sold her compositions throughout the world. Jacqui has met and collaborated with several renowned musicians and has played in a wide variety of musical styles including classical, contemporary, rock, and alternative.


She has to date written, recorded, and produced two of her own solo albums; “Free Spirit” and “Brain Candy”; thus exploring her own creativity and expression without restraint. These c.d.s feature self-composed, instrumental guitar pieces, which openly showcase the true essence and extent of Jacqui’s love for both the electric and classical guitar.

Jacqui has also been teaching the guitar to a select few students for several years, as she deeply enjoys encouraging others to explore their own creativity and self-expression.

At present, she is the guitarist for The Netherlands based band Asrai. https://www.asrai.net/

Jacqui is currently working closely together with Sabbat and ex-Skyclad lyricist and front-man Martin Walkyier; writing the music for his avant-garde, pagan side-project The Clan Destined. She is also in the process of working on an album with the talented Steve Gresswell.

Whenever she’s not busy writing, recording, or playing at live concerts,

Jacqui enjoys creating abstract/expressionist paintings and the freedom of riding around the countryside on her motorbike.


A fair while coming, due to the Covid pandemic and other issues, The Last Temple is the new album from instrumental progressive rock project, THE INNER ROAD. As its predecessors, the release is a collection of tracks which in sound and suggestion take the listener through a kaleidoscope of adventure but an experience which we suggest is the band’s most emotion and imagination involving proposal yet.

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