“Jacqui is a wonderful talent , composer/player/performer..!!!!!

I have recorded and toured with most of the great guitarists in the world...and Jacqui can proudly stand alongside them all.........!!!!

She is a STAR of the brightest stature, and I am looking forward to not only working with her, but having the world discover her awesome talent.

I know of where I speak..........~ Hide & watch as her story unfolds before you all.......~ Tommy Stephenson ”


Softly Dying

A composition all about my precious childhood memories.

Video by Karin Mol. Filming by Martin Walkyier.

Mind Fusion




Simple Complexities


Instrumental collaboration by Richard Kittle and Jacqui Taylor

"Broken Mirror" is from The Inner Road CD "The Last Temple"  with Steve Gresswell

“Brain Candy Album review Jacqui gives her instrument the necessary space to 'speak' with some melodically refined lead playing that is drenched in, and dripping, pure emotional intent.”

Metal Discovery

The MOST expressive guitar work I have ever heard!! STEVE VAI-JOE SATRIANI-Randy Rhoades all rolled into one mesmerizing soul-driven intense explosion of soundscapes soaking your brain in a pool of endorphin's........ ”

Maximus 11.11, Max Metal Radio (Jun 27, 2011)


“Wow, It really flows nicely. I'm already a big fan of your work and this one doesn't disappoint. Ambient Prog? This sounded epic in my headphones. The dueling rhythm guitars laid a very cool groundwork for the buzzsaw leads that swelled up, first behind then in front of, and finally on top of the underlying frame of the song. The multiple, ever-changing time signatures kept me on the edge of my seat. Total mastery of meter! This IS the kind of stuff I seek out and more importantly, BUY! Just an awesome piece of instrumental genius...You did great !”

- Steve Andricks,

Jacqui playing Star Spangled banner ring tone

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Star Spangled Banner Guitar (ID 3629664) by Jacqui Taylor

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